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The Story of Jon Harris

"I don't think I was made to do this...I think I am a living example that you make your own future." -Jon Harris

I personally don't have a musical background, I made it to where I am now myself. I started doing music because, to me it was possible. When I was younger I would listen to songs and follow rappers but never had an interest in pursuing music. If you asked me why my answer would be "..because I can't do what they do." In middle school I found that couldn't be further from the truth that with the right tools and determination I not only could make music the my heroes but I could be just as good.

I made my first project in 9th grade, the first of many defining moments in my career. I will never forget I made 10 CDs and gave them out for free to anyone in my high school who wanted to listen to them. By the end of the day, I counted all 10 CDs had been thrown in a garbage across the school. To be honest it wasn't that people threw it out that angered me, it was that I asked everyone who received a copy and received no critiques. They apparently all like it, (Apparently not). I could have taken the message that I obviously sucked and quit but decided to do the opposite. It's in my nature to work as hard as I can to be improve at something I'm not good at but very interested in.

Between my first project at the beginning of high school and graduating college I worked relentlessly on my musical abilities. I worked on my writing, my production, and my engineering. I listened to hundreds of hours of songs from my favorite artists to see what they had to say. I researched so many artist's background and how they managed to break into the industry. Towards the end of my time college career I started working on music and reaching out to labels only to get ignored by every single one. This was the moment I gave up on the traditional route of the mainstream artist and worked on forming my own company to be better then them all.

Since the start of my company I have released 2 mixtapes; "Destiny's Calling" and "Destiny's Calling 2". Both I am very proud of because they not only represented how talented I was at the time of their respective releases but also showed how much I have improved. I started with no musical talent at all, then started writing songs over other people's beats, then final making a song completely from scratch. On both mixtapes; I wrote, produced, and engineered every song with the exception of one. And that was 2015, let me show you what I can do now....



Jon Harris


"Jon Harris was bang on with his latest single 'BIG', the Hip Hop scene is on its death bed. " 
                                           -Artist Factory
"...the sound is absolutely massive."
"Putting his best foot forward he starts off with a song that has so much to take in..."
                                           -Hood Critic Magazine
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