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The Story of Jon Harris

"I don't think I was made to do this...I think I am a living example that you make your own future." -Jon Harris

I personally don't have a musical background, I made it to where I am now myself. I started doing music because, to me it was possible. When I was younger I would listen to songs and follow rappers but never had an interest in pursuing music. If you asked me why my answer would be "..because I can't do what they do." In middle school I found that couldn't be further from the truth that with the right tools and determination I not only could make music the my heroes but I could be just as good.

I made my first project in 9th grade, the first of many defining moments in my career. I will never forget I made 10 CDs and gave them out for free to anyone in my high school who wanted to listen to them. By the end of the day, I counted all 10 CDs had been thrown in a garbage across the school. To be honest it wasn't that people threw it out that angered me, it was that I asked everyone who received a copy and received no critiques. They apparently all like it, (Apparently not). I could have taken the message that I obviously sucked and quit but decided to do the opposite. It's in my nature to work as hard as I can to be improve at something I'm not good at but very interested in.

Between my first project at the beginning of high school and graduating college I worked relentlessly on my musical abilities. I worked on my writing, my production, and my engineering. I listened to hundreds of hours of songs from my favorite artists to see what they had to say. I researched so many artist's background and how they managed to break into the industry. Towards the end of my time college career I started working on music and reaching out to labels only to get ignored by every single one. This was the moment I gave up on the traditional route of the mainstream artist and worked on forming my own company to be better then them all.

Since the start of my company I have released 2 mixtapes; "Destiny's Calling" and "Destiny's Calling 2". Both I am very proud of because they not only represented how talented I was at the time of their respective releases but also showed how much I have improved. I started with no musical talent at all, then started writing songs over other people's beats, then final making a song completely from scratch. On both mixtapes; I wrote, produced, and engineered every song with the exception of one. And that was 2015, let me show you what I can do now....

Great Cover.JPG

Jon Harris


Working on a multitude of projects along with music I made a beat I could have sitting around. This beat seemed tough and aggressive yet not too overly aggressive. I knew with this song I needed to make a statement! And that I did

Think of Me (Explicit) Cover3000.jpg

Jon Harris

Think of Me

The long wait has been well worth it. Jon Harris has returned to music from a short hiatus with his new song 'Think of Me. The song reflects the emotions of someone with deep sadness stemming from a person they cared for so much being out of touch and out of reach.

Jon Harris

I DOn't wanna hear it

Jon Harris releases the first single from his upcomping album 'Who Is Jon Harris'. It's been a long time and for everyone who knows his story knows he has been trying to get better since he was 12. Be apart of the next step in his music career



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