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Jon Harris

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New York City-based hip-hop songwriter, wordsmith and producer Jon Harris creates down-to-earth tracks about his personal journey, life goals and the challenges of human connection. His poetic lyrics and conversational, emotional delivery style shed a bright, colorful light on the stories he tells and continue to move crowds during his energetic live performances. His fearless approach to crafting intricate instrumental melodies, harmonies and beats he has been inspired by modern rap and hip-hop visionaries Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z and J Cole. Harris’ upcoming major mixtape Destiny’s Calling 2 demonstrates his belief in the power of words as well as his commitment to bold lyrical improvisation and to experimenting with production techniques.


Harris’ passion for music began in the wide-open landscape of rap and hip-hop, the moment his brother and cousin started sharing their favorite artists. He fell in love with the many textures of these genres, and his imagination and drive to make music were ignited in general music class when he was introduced to the Fruity Loops studio. Harris found a multi-track recording program that allowed him to record over beats he had dreamed up and put together his first full mixtape in ninth grade while studying writing and putting his own spin on the compound syllable style he admired in other artists’ work. From that point on, he decided he wanted to be a professional hip-hop recording artist and also to write songs and develop a command of the studio in order to produce all his own sample-free work as well as the work of other talented artists in the genre.


With his feet still firmly planted in New York, Harris still stirs up inventive rhymes and brings out the subtle nuances of different instruments and sounds that keep all his tracks fresh and make each one even more compelling than the last. He continues to evolve his original music by pulling elements from progressive rock, pop and other genres and styles beyond the hip-hop universe in order to deepen his artistry. After graduating from college, he found himself frustrated by the at times over-saturated music landscape and launched Black Widow Entertainment, a record label and production company through which he releases his own music and, as he explains, provides other talented, developing independent artists that want to gain more visibility with “a small means to live their dreams.”

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