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Limited Time Offer!!!!

Jon Harris started learning about music when he was 14 years old. He only started to practice perfecting his craft of making beats a few years ago and still has a lot to learn. He has generously offered to give away some of the beats he has & make beats FOR FREE under certain circumstances....

1. He ask that you give credit where credit is do.

In good faith these instrumentals will not have tags on them. In any description or documentation please add "Jon Harris" as the producer of the track.


2. Send us the final song.

Jon is a fan of music and is very enthusiastic to hear what other artist has done with his work. Also it helps us better promote both you and Jon's work.


3. Spread the word.

If you and you're fans like the work that Jon provides please tell it to other artist that may be looking for beats.



By clicking to the next page you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of Black Widow Entertainment & Jon Harris Music for the purchasing of the free instrumental.


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